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Anubandham Gujarat : A new umbrella that connects job applicants and employers directly so that they can meet each other’s needs. “Anubandham” is a project of the Government of Gujarat’s Directorate of Employment and Training (DET). The main goal of the app is to match chances with the goals of young people in the state.

Anubandham Gujarat

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Anubandhan Rojgar Portal

Anubandham helps people find jobs and people who have jobs by automatically matching them in a very clear and easy-to-use way. This app is also backed by the department’s Anubandham project. The “Anubandham” mobile app helps people find and apply for jobs listed by recruiters and job providers. Alerts and Notifications let them know about upcoming interviews and new things that have happened on the site. Key features of the app include an easy way to post jobs, a resume parser, the ability to track job applications, the ability to handle schedules, and the ability to do advanced searches based on sectors and functional areas.

The official website for the Anubandhan Rojgar Portal of the Anubandham Gujarat Portal is The Directorate of Employment & Training, Government of Gujarat, has been at the forefront of putting in place many programs to help people get skills that will help them get work. At the moment, 48 employment exchanges are working under this Directorate to help people who have signed up with employment exchanges.

Anubandhan Gujarat Portal

Directorate of Training and Employment, DET is part of the Government of Gujarat’s Department of Labour and Employment. In 1971, the Employment Wing (which was part of the Labour Directorate) and the Vocational Training Scheme (which was part of the Directorate of Technical Education) came together to form it in Gujarat The Indian government has passed two laws to help reach its goal of increasing employment in the organized industry through training.

How to Edit Candidate Profile on Anubandhan Gujarat ?

  • If you want to change something about your page, click “edit.” It will open right up in front of you.
  • Now you need to fill in some information. Your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, email address, Unique ID type, and Unique ID number are some of the fields that will be filled in automatically. You will have to fill in your picture, gender, date of birth, cast, employment position, and language skills by hand.
  • In the application form, the address is already in the address bar. You will need to fill in the city, pin code, town/village, state, and district.
  • The next very important step is to give details about your educational background. This form needs to have all of the information about your schooling, like any training or diplomas. Your most recent academic success, your subject-matter knowledge, a diploma or other credentials, the name of the course and achievement, the board or university where you went to school, your grade or marks, and the year you passed.
  • Choose the “Next” button. Now it’s your turn to finish the applicant’s employment situation. It should also be written here if they are actually working, along with specifics.
  • You need to list your current job, the business you work in, the application area, the name of your boss, the job classification, and the name of the company or organization. You should also include the date you started school, your current job title and location, your current pay, and the reason you want to quit your job.
  • The next step is to measure the candidate’s height, weight, and any disabilities they may have. If they do, they must show a certificate, the number of certificates, and the authority that cleared them.
  • You’ve hit the last step in the registration process. This is where you choose where you want to work, what kind of job you want, and how much you think you’ll be paid.

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