Apply For HDFC Bank Credit Card

Hi Friends, We are going to talk about HDFC Bank Credit Card today. Here are the details for your HDFC Bank credit card. The HDFC Bank Credit Card can help you in many ways. You can use your HDFC Bank Credit Card every day. Read this piece and tell your friends about it.

Features Of HDFC Bank Credit Card

  • welcome benefits
  • smart EMI
  • contactless payment
  • foreign currency markup
  • insurance benefits
  • revolving credit facility
  • airport lounge Access
  • Zero Lost Card Liability

Welcome Benefits

When you sign up for and use an HDFC Bank credit card, you’ll get special perks. We also offer rewards for spending more than a certain amount each year.

Smart EMI

After you buy something with a credit card that costs INR 2500 or more, you can turn that amount into Smart EMIs. Enjoy low interest rates and flexible payment terms on Credit Card purchases made in-person or online when they are turned into Smart EMIs.

Contactless Payment

With our wireless credit cards, you can pay quickly, safely, and without any hassle. Just tap your card at a store to pay in seconds.

Foreign Currency Markup

When you use certain HDFC Bank Credit Cards to buy things abroad, we charge a low foreign currency fee. This lets you shop and save more on your purchases.

Insurance Benefits

There are some HDFC Bank credit cards that come with free protection. Get injury coverage for flights and emergency hospitalization coverage abroad worth several lakhs.

Revolving Credit Facility

With HDFC Bank Credit Cards, you can use revolving credit options with low interest rates. Read the MITC to find out more.

Airport Lounge Access

for some credit cards you can use airport lounges for free at both domestic and foreign airports.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Credit Card

  • AGE
  • Nationality
  • Residential Status
  • Employment Status
  • Annual Income


you should be at least 18 years old


you should be an Indian National.

Residential Status

You should be a Resident or non resident Indian

Employment Status

you should be a salaried professional or a self employed individual.

Annual Income

HDFC Bank determines your eligibility for credit card and subsequent credit limit based on your annual income.


  • Earn 5 Reward Points for every Rs.150/- retails spend
  • Upto 10X Reward Points on spends via Smartbuy
  • Reward Points Redemption: Redeem Rewards points for booking flight ticket/ hotels across airlines choice of hotels.

When you get Credit Card ?

After filling out the steady deposit form and giving the KYC documents, the client gets the cardboard right away from the department or the sales government.

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