Best Universal TV Remote Android App

Best Android app for a universal TV remote: Universal TV Remote: The Zazza remote can be used on phones with built-in infrared, like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, HTC, and TCL.

Best Universal Tv Remote Android App

Zaza’s universal TV remote Can control TV, A/C, Set-top Box, Projector, DVD Player, Fan, DSLR, Lamp, and more with a remote.

You will need a remote control accessory if your cell phone doesn’t have built-in infrared. We will give you one in the app.

Zaza’s universal TV remote Remote: 50 million choices from people. We have both a local and a crowdsourced IR database.

Characteristic function :

  • You can quickly find a remote control by typing in the model number and the brand name of the electrical item inside the search box.
  • The database has more than 300,000 appliance remote controllers for more than 8,000 brands of appliances around the world. It can be used to control air conditioning, TVs, set-top boxes, projectors, DVD players, power amplifiers, fans, SLR cameras, light bulbs, and many other home appliances. There is an 8W+ remote controller code library built into the software, and it can be controlled without a network.
  • DIY remote control: For those who want to make their own remote controls, the Universal Remote Control device lets you learn how to send the original remote control signal to your phone. DIY make the best remote codes that people will pay for.

Application rights : the app will request the user permission in the process of use, and the main permission items are described as follows.

Get your location : so that we can allocate the correct local infrared database for you.

Access to SD card : used to store remote controllers to mobile phone.

Read IMEI : verify the IMEI address, so that one user can only exchange each intelligent product for one times.

Recording : used for voice remote control appliances.

Photograph : scan QR code to add intelligence products.

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