Caller Name Announcer Apps

This cool app called Jolly Roger is a surefire way to stop getting too many calls and texts. An app called Caller Name Announcer was made by Onex Softech. It reads out loud the name of the person calling or texting you. With this feature, you’ll be less distracted during the day, and you’ll spend less time than ever putting up with annoying sales pitches.

As time goes on, you may have noticed that more and more phones have caller ID. That means your phone will either tell you who is calling by saying their name (this is the most common function) or by showing you a list of numbers. You can then choose if you want to answer the call right away.

Anyone with a smartphone is familiar with Caller ID. With that feature, you can tell who is calling before you even pick up the phone. There are times, though, when we’re focused on the job at hand and our attention wanders to where our phone calls are coming from. You can easily decide if you need to rush over and answer the phone right away or if it can wait because your work is more important at the moment if the phone rings and then says the name of the person calling. Onex Softech made an app called eCaller ID that tells you what’s playing on your phone’s speaker, so you’ll never have to guess!

With the Caller Name Announcer app, you can lower the sound of your ringtone and hear the caller’s name. With this option, you can use your phone without holding it or while driving. This app is better than others because it lets users change the default language to their native tongue (or pick a different language if they want to). Language change choices include English, Spanish, and Korean.

When you get a call or text, the “Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro” app for Android reads out the caller’s name. This basically lowers the volume of the noise your device makes to let you know who is calling. It’s helpful to have this while driving. On top of that, you can change the language, which makes this app better than others on the market and a must-have for any business owner.

The app turns down the ringtone and says the caller’s name every so often. When you’re not near your phone, this feature is very helpful. On top of that, Callers Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro can translate text messages into your language better than its rivals.

Features : 

Find out who is calling you anonymously. If you can’t touch your phone, the talk Alert system will let you know who is calling by having them say their name over the speaker before they talk.

Spoken announcements. This way you can turn off the system quickly if you aren’t in a good place to hear them.

Our Android’s call announcer tool lets you know who is calling from unknown numbers. Hands-free mode is great when you want to hear who is calling while you’re moving, working, or doing something else.

With our Android caller ID app, you can see the names of people who call or text you. This app, like our Call announcement feature, connects to our network and pulls information from our phonebook so that we know who’s calling even if their number isn’t in our Quiz group. This can be very helpful when you’re driving or doing something else that has your attention.

The process of using the app :

  • To begin, get the Caller Name Announcer Pro app on your phone. Google Play Store users can get it for free. ALLOW the app the rights it asks for the first time you open it.
  • Then you need to test the app’s voice. Press the Speech Test button. After the voice, the news that the test went well will come. He needs to say “Yes.” Now, in the main window, you’ll see a lot of choices, such as call, audio, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • To check, go to all of these places. Change the pitch, speed, and volume of the words in the audio settings. Setting some things can’t be changed. If someone calls, you can choose how many times to hear their name in the call setting. The same is true for SMS.You will have to let them change some settings in WhatsApp. Once you click “OK,” the WhatsApp message alert will be turned on.

Caller Name Announcer is a smartphone app that tells you the names of people who call you. A lot of business owners wait for the name to be called out before they decide to pick up.

An app that lets you see the name of the person calling you before you answer! With this app, the name of the person will only be read if they are saved in your phonebook. If they aren’t, “Out of area” or “Private Number” will be shown instead. Also, you can set a maximum number of times it can be done. That way, your ears won’t hurt if people call with long names or if you’re busy and don’t have time to hear their names. You can even turn the app off completely when it’s in quiet mode, so your friends won’t be able to bother you when they call while you’re watching a movie!

You can see who is calling you even when your phone is on buzz with the Caller Name Announcer app. In order to let you know who is calling, the app lets you know their name ahead of time.

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