Download Digital Voter Card 2022 from e Epic Card Website

You can get your Digital Voter Card 2022 from or the Epic Card Portal. The e-EPIC (digital Election Photo Identity Card) program, also known as the Voter Card, will be made public on January 25, which is National Voters’ Day. From now until the end of February, you can get an e-voter card.

Officials from the Central Election Commission say that new voters have until the end of February to Download Digital Voter Card 2022 for their e-epic card or e-voter card. People who just signed up to vote because the voter list was updated can get their registration forms at and

Download Digital Voter Card 2022

People who signed up to vote before the 2021 election will have their names added to a new list of citizens, and their PDA number will also be added to the list. The Political Decision Commission will soon let those people know when they need to download their e-citizen card. The Electronic Electing Photograph Personality Card program was sent out on January 25. It will let people download a soft copy of their voter cards from the Political Race Commission’s website.

In the advanced setting, you can now use other forms of ID to prove who you are, such as an Aadhaar card, a Container card, or a driver’s license. This is the time when the government will first give out computer-designed ID cards to citizens. Get the digital voter card for 2022.

Voters can look at and print out their advanced citizen card on a registered mobile device. The Election Commission of India (ECI) started the program so that people would not have to go to government offices to get their ID cards. Download Digital Voter Card 2022 from the ECI website.

Issuance of e-voter cards : The Central Election Commission has chosen to get all voters in the state’s cell phone numbers so that e-voter cards can be sent to them. Soon, a portal just for this reason will be open for business. The OTP is sent to the voter’s phone. One way to print an e-voter card is to sign up on the website and download the Digital Voter Card 2022.

Digital Voter Card : In the next polls, the digitization of voter-ID cards will be very important. On January 25, National Voter’s Day, the Election Commission of India will formally introduce the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) scheme.

Epic Card Website

  • The e-EPIC is a secure, portable report design (PDF) version of the EPIC that is non-editable. It will come with a QR code that contains socioeconomic information such as part number, chronic number, and photo. You can download and safely store E-EPIC on a PC or portable device. This is in spite of the fact that new recruits receive genuine IDs.
  • There would be two phases to the e-EPIC drive launch. All new citizens who have applied for a citizen ID card and registered their mobile numbers in Structure 6 will essentially wish to download the Digital Voter Card 2022, or e-EPIC, during the main stage, which runs from January 25 to January 31. This process involves essentially confirming their mobile number. The mobile numbers should be unique and not recently registered.
  • The second phase will start on February 1. All electors will have access to it. All those who have provided their mobile numbers (linked ones) are also able to download their e-EPIC.
  • Postponements, misplacing cards, and being unable to obtain citizen ID cards are issues that will not arise. Furthermore, the bulk of ID cards are still being used on a digital platform.
  • Electors New: The only people who should download their computerized citizen IDs are those who are new citizens who have applied between January 25 and January 31 for their elector cards and have enrolled their mobile numbers with the Political Race Commission. Get the 2022 Digital Voter Card here.
  • Every Elector: All residents will genuinely want to download their digital copies starting on February 1st, provided that their phone numbers are linked to the Political Decision Commission.
  • In order to benefit from the download, voters who do not have their phone numbers linked to the Commission should confirm their details with the EC and link their mobile number. Character cards for computerized voters will have PDF designs.
  • Additionally, printed copies of their citizen ID cards will be given to new electors. The goal of digitization is to ensure that citizen ID cards are issued ahead of any political race. Computerized cards will also be helpful in the event of a card shortage, relocation, and other issues.
  • ID cards for advanced citizens can be stored on Digilocker. In order to prevent copying, the computerized cards will transmit a unique QR code that contains socioeconomic data and images.
  • The following links will allow you to download e-EPIC, but the citizen ID card will also be sent to you: Elector Helpline Portable application (Android/iOS) The upcoming state polls will place a special emphasis on the digitization of citizen ID cards.

How to Download Digital Voter Card 2022 :

  • First visit the Voter Slip portal by Log on to, or
  • If you do not have an account, then create an account through your mobile number or email ID.
  • If you already have an account, then log in and click on the option of download E-EPIC.
  • The download facility will be available from January 25.