Download Task Mate (Early Access) Android Application Free

You’ll get paid for jobs that you do right, and you can take out your money in your own currency from the Task Mate app. To cash out, link your bank account or e-wallet to Task Mate’s payment partner.

Task Mate is still in beta, so only a few testers can use it for now while we learn more about how to use crowdsourcing to give people more ways to make money. Visit to find out more.

Do the jobs you want to do, or skip the ones you don’t want to do. You can do tasks at any time.
How can I get Google Task Mate?

You can “find tasks nearby,” “finish a task to start earning,” and then “cash out your earnings” with “Task Mate.” For the second option, you can sign up for an e-wallet account or use the in-app payment partner. When that’s done, users can click “Cash Out” to get their money.

How do you get invited to TaskMate ?

The app has to be downloaded from the Google Play store, and then users have to sign up for it. The full instructions on how to download and sign in to the app are given below. The application is split into two parts: the Sitting Task and the Field Task.

TaskMate real ?

Task Mate is a beta app from Google that lets you access simple tasks shared by companies all over the world.

Google TaskMate launched in India ?

You can get the app in India too, where it’s also still in the test stage. companies that have been approved by Google can post skilled and unskilled jobs on the TaskMate mobile app. Users do things like translation and photography for these companies.

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