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Books that will help you pass the driving test: On Indian roads today, you need a license to ride a bike, a four-wheeler, or a heavy car. Taking a computer test is required to get a driver’s license. In this piece, we’ll talk about the questions that can be asked about computers and how to answer them.

Driving Licence Exam

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Information about RTO

Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 tells the Department of Transport how to run its business. It is the job of the Department of Traffic to carry out the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Gujarat Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, and the rules that go along with them.

The Transport Commissioner (TC) is in charge of the vehicles department. At headquarters, a Joint Director and an OSD who work on implementation, management, and finances also help him.

Driving License Computer Test

Before getting a driver’s license, you have to fill out a web form and then take a computer test. You have to take a computer test. Tell us what kinds of questions can be on the computer test.

RTO Computer Exam Rules

  • There is now a PDF file at the end of the piece that you can use to take the computer test.
  • There will be general questions on the computer test that you see on the roads.
  • You must also choose the right answer from the list that comes with the question.
  • There are 15 questions on the RTO computer test, and you must correctly answer 11 of them in order to pass.
  • For each question, you have 45 seconds.
  • When you take the online RTO exam, you have to show proof of who you are.

Useful Book for Driving License Exam / Useful Question for Driving License Exam

  • When someone stands at a public crossing to cross the street, what should you do? Hold the car still until the person crosses the street, and then move forward.
  • As you get closer to a narrow canal, another car comes in from the front. What are you going to do? Wait for the passing car to pass, then go forward.
  • When someone gets hurt in a car accident: Do everything you can to get the hurt person medical help, and then call the cops within 24 hours.
  • Where it says “one-way” on the road: It is okay to drive in backward gear.
  • Which side of the road can you pass any car? From the front of the car’s right side
  • What is the length of time a raw license is good for?
  • How should a person walk on a road that doesn’t have sidewalks? Stay on the right side of the road.
  • Which place should the car go first? An ambulance and a fire truck
  • How do you stop your car on the side of the road at night? By turning on the car’s parking light
  • When fog lamps are used: when there is fog in the air
  • If an ambulance is coming up behind you, the driver will move his car to the left side of the road to make room.
  • In a road light, what does a red light mean? Put the car in park.
  • When the road is wet, the car will shift gears and go slower.
  • When is it illegal to pass another car? When there is a chance that other cars could be hurt.
  • How long does the PUC license last? It’s good for 6 months.
  • Getting past when the curve is close: Not true
  • Driving while drunk? Not allowed in any car
  • What’s wrong with the rearview mirror? See cars coming up behind you
  • Not while the car is moving. Getting in or out of the car: No
  • When filling up the car with gas, diesel, or gasoline: Do not smoke
  • Is it illegal to track too much? When it’s hard to see the way ahead
  • “When you are driving at night with your high beams on and a car comes from the side in front of you?” Keep your headlights on low until the other car has passed.
  • Is it a crime to use the horn too much? Yes
  • Things that must be carried in a non-transport vehicle: RC Book, PUC, Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance
  • Should you talk on your phone while driving any car?
  • How helpful is the head rest that’s attached to the seat? It keeps the dock from getting hurt if something goes wrong.
  • How do you turn left? With the left side signal on, we’ll make the turn while keeping the car on the left side of the road.
  • The youngest person who can get a license to ride a motorbike without gears is 16 years old.
  • Can the driver of the car go off-road? The driver of the car ahead of you will show the over track sign.
  • What side of the road does the driver plan to drive on? On the left side of the road

Useful books and applications for driving license exam are given below with the help of which you will be able to pass the computer exam.

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