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e – Epic Voter ID :

In order to keep working toward making Indian citizens more involved in their government, the Election Commission of India has started a new project: it has created a mobile app to encourage people to be very involved in politics and make smart, moral choices when they cast their ballots.

The app is meant to give people across the country a single place to get help and information. Indian voters can use the app to do the following.

overseas voters must fill out and submit online paperwork to become a new voter or move to a different district. Delete or object to an entry on the voting roll, fix an entry, or move an entry within the assembly.

Check your name is on the voting roll with voting Search (#Go).

Record complaints about electoral services and keep track of how they are being handled, What You Need to Know About Voting, Elections, EVMs, Results, Service, and Resources for Voters and Election Officials, Find out when the elections are in your area.

Find all the candidates and see their profiles, income statements, investments, and criminal records.

Call the people in charge of the polls: CEO, BLO, ERO, and DEO

After you vote, take a picture of yourself and submit it to the Official Voter Helpline App Gallery.

You can print out the list of candidates by downloading it as a PDF file.

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e-Epic Voter ID : Download Here