Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device : Find My Device helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you get it back.


See a map of your watch, tablet, or phone. The latest known location will be displayed if the current location is not accessible.

Utilize interior maps to locate your device in airports, shopping centers, and other sizable structures.

By tapping the device’s location and then the Maps icon, you can use Google Maps to find your device.

Even if your device is on silent, turn up the volume on a sound.

Remove all data from the device or lock it with a personalized message and contact information.

Check the battery and network status.

hardware information

Permissions Notice

  • Location : Needed to show your device’s current location on the map
  • Contacts : Needed to access the email address associated with your Google account

Find My Device is part of Google Play Protect

You will only be able to see the position where your phone last pings Google, assuming it is off. If your phone was lost as opposed to stolen, it might be sufficient. You may quickly ping, lock, or factory reset your phone using Find My Device in the case that someone finds it and turns it on.

App Source From : Google Play Store

Google Find My Device : Download Here