How to give CPR to someone having a heart attack

While our bodies are functioning normally, no one can anticipate when a heart attack will occur. A blood-related condition called a heart attack makes the heart cease pumping blood, which ultimately leads to death.

Practice CPR Sonu Sood’s quick thinking and slyness saved a life at Dubai Airport, as we may have recently observed. A individual suffered an unplanned heart attack at a Dubai airport. This was the same time that Sonu Sood was present. Sonu Sood rushed to help the man as soon as he saw that he was tripping. He started doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which helped to save the victim’s life.

Now let’s talk about what CPR is. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In order to do this, press down on the unconscious patient’s chest while breathing through their lips. Training in CPR frequently saves a patient’s life.

How to give CPR

Since many people are unaware of CPR, let’s educate them and let them know that it is a medical procedure that has a very high chance of saving a life when applied to a patient who is experiencing cardiac and respiratory failure.

This is not a medication; this is a process. wherein if someone suddenly stops breathing, applies pressure on their chest, and breathes through their lips, they are granted a new lease of life.