Passport Size Photo Maker

The best free app for making, editing, and printing passport photos is Passport Size Photo Maker (ID Photo Maker Studio). You can save money with this app by putting all of your passport, ID, or VISA pictures on one sheet of 3×4, 4×6, 5×7, or A4 paper. After that, you can get copies from companies that do that. On the other hand, you can print it from your phone at a nearby photo shop.

Passport Size Photo Maker

The passport size picture maker can make official photo sizes for ID, Passport, VISA, and License in all countries, such as the USA, Spain, Germany, France, India, Italy, Korea, and Brazil. There are no costs to use any of the basic tools needed to make a legal passport picture.All standard sizes of printing paper are free in passport size picture editor. When our customers buy prints of 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, or 5×6 photos after combining passport photos with this app, they save hundreds of dollars.

How To Use :- Passport Size Photo Maker

  • Click On Photo Using Your Phone Gallery (Or) Camera.
  • Select On Passport, Visa Or On Custom Size.
  • Check Your Country And Select It From Our Given Below Countries List.
  • Custom Size Used To Design Your Own Width And Height Passport Photo Resolutions.
  • Rotate Image To Align And To Fit Into Global Passport Size Format.
  • Tilt Image To Adjust The Auto Passport Photo Image.
  • Add Professional Suits With This Passport Photo Dress Editor For Your Photos.
  • Click On Bg Changer To Crop The Image And Remove Background And To Apply Background Colors.
  • Change The Border Color Of The Global Passport Size Photo.
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation And Exposure To Envoy Passport Size Photo.
  • For Saving It To Use For Printing Select Paper Sheet Size (A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 Etc).
  • Click On Print Preview Button To See The Final Preview.
  • Select How Many Copies You Want.
  • Share With Your Passport Photo Using Social Media

You can buy premium features like Background removal and Ink and money saver within the passport size picture maker app. You can get your money back if something you buy doesn’t work on your gadget. It saves you time and money to use passport size picture editor.

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