10 Heart Touching Rip Tattoo For Dad Ideas For You [ 2023 ]

Rip Tattoo For Dad: Are you in search of an effective way to honor the memories of your dear father? Think about getting a rip tattoo to honor Dad.

A tear tattoo, also referred to as a commemorative tattoo is a meaningful and personal means of paying tribute to someone you love who has died.

It is a permanent reminder of their role throughout your day and their impact on you.

In this post, we’ll discuss the significance of Dad’s Rip tattoos and offer inspirational ideas to help you create a touching and emotional tribute.

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant style or a larger elaborate piece we’ve got it covered. Let’s look around and find the perfect rip tattoo design to pay tribute to your dad’s memory.

10 Heart Touching Rip Tattoo List For Dad

Here is a list of 10 heart-touching RIP tattoo ideas for Dad:

  • Heart balloon
  • Half heart
  • Symbol of Dad’s job
  • ‘Dad’ with feather
  • Dad’s face
  • Illustration of happy memories
  • Large angel
  • A Shoulder Memorial Tattoo
  • Dad Cross Remembrance Tattoo
  • Hat And Boots Memorial Tattoo

1. Heart Balloon Tattoo

Heart balloon for rip dad

  • Heart-shaped designs are often the basis of famous “remembering Dad” tattoos.
  • Although a standard heart tattoo is acceptable you might prefer your tattoo to convey a story of your feelings through pictures.
  • You could also find illustrations of the children taking the heart-shaped balloon as it goes off.
  • It is possible to add text on the heart for example “Rest in Peace, Dad.”

2. Half Heart Tattoo

Half heart tattoo for rip dad

  • This is a different design that you could look at if you and your sibling (or someone else you love) each want a “remembering Dad” tattoo.
  • It is possible to get one portion of the tattoo placed in an unflattened area like in the upper right hand of your arm, when your palm is facing upwards.
  • The sibling could get the other half of the tattoo in the same place but on the left of her right arm.
  • When you put the two together, your heart will come together like an image mirror.
  • It is also possible to add an outside message that creates a complete message as the two sides of the tattoo show next to each other.
  • The result is a poignant reminder that you and your brother can be supportive of one another while you grieve the loss of your father.

3. Symbol of Dad’s job Tattoo

Symbol of dad's job for rip dad

  • Fathers can play multiple roles in their kids’ lives. Being a provider is often among the top significant tasks.
  • A lot of fathers put in a lot of effort to earn enough money to ensure their families are taken care of.
  • Children may choose to recognize the sacrifices that their deceased fathers have made by obtaining small tattoos which represent the work of their fathers.
  • “Rest in peace” quotes or similar messages could be added to these images in order to emphasize that the tattoo is a memorial to a deceased father.
  • For instance, if your father was a mechanic for an auto shop or mechanic, you could have a tattoo of a wrench.
  • If you knew he was a firefighter you might get the image of a helmet worn by a firefighter.

4. ‘Dad’ with Feather Tattoo

Simple designs are often the most appealing designs. For instance, a few tribute tattoos have tiny images of feathers that appear to be floating on the breeze with the name of a loved one underneath.

These delicate tattoos signify the notion that a person who passed away has been merely drifting away as feathers in the wind.

Tip: You can include his birthday or other particular year to your tattoo. Check out our article on ways to say “happy birthday in Heaven, Dad” for additional ideas.

5. Dad’s Face Tattoo

A face tattoo (or the entire body, in a regal pose) is among the most popular design ideas for memorial tattoos.

They can be tiny however, to get the needed details, they’re usually best when they’re quite large.

Dad’s face tattoo

This kind of tattoo can preserve the image of your father on your body. However, if you’re looking for this type of design you choose to get then you’ll have to find a tattooist capable of pulling the look off. Explore a few options prior to deciding on the best designer for the job.

6. Illustration Of Happy Memories Tattoo

Another design to look at if you are able to locate an artist with the skills required is a representation of the happy memories you have of your dad.

It doesn’t have to be a complete representation of the memory featuring figures that closely resemble you as well as your dad. Instead, it could be a picture that conveys the memories of that moment.

For example, if you with your dad used to fish together, your tattoo might be an image of a man fishing on the water. If you frequently went camping this could be an image of tents in camping sites.

7. Large Angel Tattoo

This is a typical memorial tattoo design that’s big enough to fill the shoulder. While the details of the design may differ based on your personal preferences generally, it is composed of angel wings placed on either shoulder and text underneath.

For instance, it could be “In Loving Memory, Dad,” and the date of the father’s passing. This type of design often includes a pattern of light and dark lines in the background and wings, indicating heaven’s light.

Included the date of your father’s passing will ensure that you be reminded of Dad on his anniversary.

8. A Shoulder Memorial Tattoo

Quotes are always great for tattoos.

A Shoulder Memorial Tattoo

A meaningful quote such as this, along with the date and name can be a unique way to remind you of the person you love every day.

We like it when you can incorporate a variety of styles in one tattoo. It makes a statement and makes the tattoo more intriguing.

A shoulder memorial tattoo is a great way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. Here are some ideas for shoulder memorial tattoos:

  • Tattoo of a cross made of wood on the right shoulder
  • Airborne remembrance tattoos on the right shoulder
  • Amazing remembrance tattoos for son’s shoulder
  • A memorial tattoo on the shoulder with a father figure in the middle of everything along with elements such as crosses, fire, or stars, as well as an engraved heart
  • Always & Forever memorial tattoos for dad, which show father holding his daughter’s hand, with an adorable red heart and the words “Dad” written in bold black ink. It is then decorated with a crown.

9. Dad Cross Remembrance Tattoo

Simple but meaningful The cross tattoo of dad can be a powerful way to express that you trust him just as you believe in God. He is always there for you.

While the brown hues make a great choice for elegant sleeve tattoos, you can utilize your imagination to make the design more appealing or add a personal style.

A dad cross remembrance tattoo is a popular design choice for those who want to honor their father’s memory. Here are some ideas and inspirations for dad cross remembrance tattoos:

  • Dad Cross Memorial Tattoo On Biceps
  • Dad Cross Remembrance Tattoo
  • Cross with dad’s name and dates
  • Cross with dad’s favorite quote
  • Cross with dad’s favorite symbol
  • Cross with dad’s favorite Bible verse
  • Cross with dad’s portrait
  • Cross with dad’s handwriting

These are only some examples of dad cross-remembrance tattoos. You can personalize the design of your tattoo to reflect your relationship with your father.

Make sure to select a tattoo that reflects your feelings and reflects the essence of your relationship with your father.

10. Hat And Boots Memorial Tattoo

What a fascinating and meaningful method to commemorate your dad.

The dad of this guy who passed away in 2013 should wear the most unique cowboy hat and boots.

The design is simple and crisply executed with only minimalist colors. We are awestruck by the details such as the location, the design, and the overall theme.

Hat And Boots Memorial Tattoo

You could also pick an item or two that belong to your father, and then ink it. It’s very fascinating!

A hat and boot memorial tattoo can be used to commemorate and remember the father who was a lover of cowboy culture or was himself a cowboy.

The design is customizable to incorporate other elements that are representative of the father’s image, like his name, the dates of his birth and death as well as other symbols that are meaningful to the father. Below is some infrmation that give more details on memorial tattoos on boots and hats:

  • According to research, the tribute tattoo of a hat and boots is a popular design for father’s memorial tattoos. It could be a bold and transparent rib tattoo, which features the ribbon with dates or it could be a straightforward but important cross tattoo that symbolizes the father’s faith as well as his passion for the cowboy lifestyle.
  • Offers an instant tattoo of a cowboy’s hat on boots which can be used as a reference point for the permanent tattoo.
  • There are a variety of design options for memorial tattoos such as cross-stamps with birth dates that can be customized with boots and a hat.
  • The idea is that a hat or boots memorial tattoo may be used to symbolize the strength and masculinity of the father and may be combined with other elements, like objects or souvenirs that were important to the father.


We are aware of how important it is to think of those we love dearly and to whom we’ve bid farewell from this life.

We all try to keep them in our minds and lives however we can. A tattoo of their name is a prestigious and lovely way to show this.

If you’ve thought about getting permanent tattoos to honor your Dad who has passed away it is advisable to take the plunge. We guarantee it’s an option you will not regret.

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